New styles and contours

A couple of updates to the GPS map you’ve come to love and enjoy.

New style

Rally has been helping me in defining the new styles for the map. His itch is quite simple. My icons and lines are too large for his small GPSr screen. He developed another version of the style designed for small screens. Through the months, Rally made a lot of improvements and we decided to make it the default style for our maps.

A few shots in Makati and the Fort

Add a comment here or in the wiki discussions on your thoughts and improvements.


I gave a hint on this one long ago and finally, you can know add 10 meter contour lines in your Garmin devices. The contour data were interpolated from SRTM Digital Elevation Model processed using GroundTruth.  Some shots:

Day mode in Rodriguez, Rizal and Angat Dam

Night mode hiking in Mount Banahaw and Mount Makiling

One BIG WARNING, the contour map download is HUGE (~200 MB).

I also experienced device out-of-memory crash when viewing the contours at low zoom levels (20 km in the device scalebar). Some user’s didn’t experience this problem so this might be device dependent. Give us feedback on how it behaves on your device.

All are available in the wiki. Finally, if you like our map, you can increase our beer budget as an expression of your appreciation.

More will come as we expand the data and development of the maps.



2 responses to “New styles and contours

  1. Hi Maning

    I am trying my hand on developing a contour using QGIS. I downloaded v1.6 (Copiaco). I stumbled on the method of devloping contour using the contour (from vector) plug-in and the other by invoking GRASS (I got the tips from the other blog posts). Unfortunately none worked. The first method seemed to have some problem on the Python download and the second method did not worked (perhaps I got lost thorugh the maze of his procedure). Can you help me on how it should be done? Thanks


  2. Uplander,

    Your comment is entirely off-topic in relation to this post. But, I’ll answer anyway ;).

    You can try the gdaltools plugin’s Contour. In qgis, clcik Raster > Contour.

    Good luck!

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