My daily bike commute challenge

Most of my friends struggle through the daily battle of commuting. Either one is stuck in traffic or is trying to wrestle their way to get to a train, bus or jeepney. Unlike most Filipinos, I do bike commuting. In this part of the world, it is an exception for my type of work category. Many of my friends admire this commuting lifestyle for many good reasons, but, what they did not know is that bike commuting does have its own share of challenges.

My typical morning commute passes by the bike path along the river. Because of minimal maintenance recently, it is mostly covered by overgrown grass, shards of broken glass and other rubbish.

You have to negotiate carefully to avoid getting a flat tire or killing any cold-blooded creature basking in the morning sun. The little lizard in the center is a bubuli (Lygosoma smaragdinum?). I spotted 4, during this commute.


Lizards are the most common, but sometimes you have to avoid snakes! This one wasn’t so lucky.


Watch out for the falling rocks, too!

A nearby construction site, bulldozing large rocks without any visible warning to bike commuters.

Entering the back gate of the university, you are greeted by lush trees and cooler air.


But, you still need to carry the bike up the ~90 steps!

Finally, one last steep road to get to the office.

30 minutes or so later, I’m in the office and ready to start my work day.

That’s my morning commute, the commute back home goes to a different route and another story.

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