free garmin gps map from osm philippines

Get Garmin GPS Routable map of the Philippines from my wiki.

garmin gps
Latest data update: 30,000 kilometers of roads as of January 14, 2009


113 responses to “free garmin gps map from osm philippines

  1. Were and how can i download a Philippine map for my Garmin.

    Please advice

  2. hi! thanks for the map i just have one question.. how do i type in a new place at the Search Bar under Addresses? it’s asking for a State and whatever i type there it just says None Found. help please. thank you!

  3. Address search is buggy at the moment. We don’t have “State” in the Philippines. Try the “All POI” search option.

  4. Hi, I need a digitized map of the Philippines, as complete as possible, can anybody tell me where I can purchase it?

    For GPS tracking software, is that the same for garmin users?


  5. Try NAMRIA ( They provide complete map of the Philippines.

    The data I provide for Garmin GPS came from openstreetmap. Not yet complete but maybe useful for your needs.

  6. Hi,

    does your gps maps covered the north and south of the NCR of the Philippines. Does your software works with other GPS devices that could be plugged into USB of laptop

  7. Yes, it covers the whole Philippines but some areas don’t have data at the moment.

    Any device that can run garmin software including phones and laptops can use this map.

  8. sir L Castro if u want i have some of digitize map in philippines (Luzon) digitized contours etc.. and elevated 100% done please send me email here if your interested

  9. openstreetmap is cool but as I’ve seen it some just put trails not really on it’s places hope when they do some editing there on the right track.

  10. Can you show us where it is so that we can correct them?

    I agree there are map errors, mostly non-malicious just newbie mistakes.

    We usually correct them as soon as possible.

  11. On part of Albay sir although it’s not so updated but even the roads are wrong, I know it cos I’m from that place and I always go around with my motorcycle. I wanted to do some editing on it yesterday but it really takes time.. maybe when I’m I got no work to do. I will tell some of my friends about it maybe they can help updating the map even if it’s just little part of it.

  12. That’s really cool sir.. Is it for free? This could be a great opportunity or can I also be part of your organization sir?

  13. @khraine
    Borrowing GPS? Yes it’s free but you have to establish that you intend to use it for OSM mapping. Everyone is welcome to join OSM.

  14. GPS technology is an exciting industry.In my research on this topic I found your site to be informative as well as interesting reading.Keep up the good work. Marc

  15. Hi,

    I live in Bicol and would like to contribute especially in the lacking dirt roads to the many sitios.

    I am willing to work with OSM and update, but am really challenged getting anything to load.

    Also I would like to understand how the Phil Garmin map was made. Maybe I can help there too. Especially to make it navigatable. I am not a geo guru, just an old software programmer in a diff (past) life.

    If you could point me in the right direction on who to email or txt to get started I would appreciated it. I read a lot of the wiki, but did not see anything about making it Garmin compatible.

    For software I have Garmin XT on the GPs, plus navmi and beeline. FOr the PC side I dl;’d merkaartor but haven’t installed it yet. I also have map source.

    Thanks, Rojen
    rojen_ying1 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  16. can i have a free gps? i intend to use it for my personal travel in the philippines. thanks a lot.

  17. i have a unit its a garmain gps 60 whichn i would like to put a map in it is it posible to download it from the internet

  18. @abz,

    If I guessed it right, Garmin GPS 60 is not map-capable. Which means you can’t add maps in the unit, moreover, even if it’s possible, the 1 MB internal memory is not sufficient to load the map we offer here.

  19. how can i format Gps60cs..? my Gps is from us. i want reprogram.and put new map in philpns

  20. @toks
    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do this. The unit’s hardware is limited in order to use the map I provide. Sorry man.

  21. Hello Sir,

    Just want to thank you for this.
    You are doing a great service to your fellow man and your efforts are highly appreciated.

  22. Hallo… I am from Indonesia, I have garmin nuvi 780.
    Can anyone teel me, website to download new garmin map for Philliphine ?
    Thanks before…

  23. sir,
    do you know where can i download a program to use in my omnia to function as a gps? and maps too?

  24. @nesty,

    Garmin XT should work on Omnia phones. Try to search for instructions. If you succeed in the installation, you can then use the maps we provide in the above link I posted.

  25. just want to knowloadwhy am i having error in opening the osm-ph garmin map in the mapsource. i was able to download it from your site but when i tried to use it with mapsource it says download not complete or problem with media

  26. @care921,

    just tested a few minutes ago and it’s OK. Try downloading again. The mapsource installer should be around 11 MB.

  27. It is always great to share the innovative ideas with others on our demand.That is the main way for the people to know about the good types of techniques to equip it.

  28. Greetings! I just would like to know where I can download maps for my Garmin Oregon 300. I really don’t know where to start. Thanks and more power.

  29. @dc ortega,

    The maps here are for garmin devices. I don’t know what software medion go is using. However, there are non-garmin devices that can use the maps using garmin’s software like Xenon NAV350s.

  30. I’m new user of Garmin Nuvi255w and would like to know how to get Philippine map (even just Luzon & Metro Manilat streetmap). How do I:
    * Identify the map filename to download
    * Download map to Garmin through computer
    * How to set up Garmin gps device to show new PI map

    Thanks a lot for your help

  31. Tito,

    The link in the post gives you several download options. You can use the mapsource installer to install to an PC with mapsource and then send the data to the GS device. The mac roadtrip is for well, mac’s roadtrip app. The compressed gmapsupp is a compressed file which you decompress/unzip and copy to the GPS device.

    We don’t have individual map for Metro Manila or Luzon. What you get in the link is the whole Philippines.

    There are several howto links in the above link.

  32. Hi, could anyone help me how to download the Philippine map (or Manila map) to my new Garmin nuvi 1200 ?

    I am using macbook and the .exe file won’t work with mac. Thanks for the help.

  33. @Jen,

    You can use the other download options:
    – installer for Mac RoadTrip – Mac OSX RoadTrip App
    – compressed gmapsupp.img – uncompress this file and save it to your Garmin device under the “Map” directory.

  34. Hello. I have a garmin nuvi 1300. I have the map of the Philippines which is the gmapsupp and added in memory of the unit using the mini sd card. But the unit cannot read the Philippine map. It only registers the US map which is preloaded in the unit. What should I do? Thanks.

  35. @ Michael Chang,

    For nuvi 1300, save the gmapsupp.img to the “Map” folder in the internal flash memory of your nuvi.

    Let me know if this works.

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  37. Hi Sir Maning,

    I just purchased a 2nd Hand HTC Touch Cruise. I just read some links in the emails and successfully installed Garmin Mobile, Mapsource and your OS_Map. I tried the simulation of the GPS routes and your way better rather than the Phil road map (basic). I just oberved that there are no one way direction on the streets. I think this is important in calculating routes. I hope you can come up with this algorithm for the new feature of your production maps. I am a car driver so it will help me a lot if the GPS that I am using can determine the one way route roads.

    More power and I will support your own good deeds for the Filipino people and foreign visitors

  38. @chris,

    Oneway routing was already implemented. You can test routing simulation along EDSA or NLEX to see this in action. What’s missing are arrow symbols along oneway roads. It’s interesting that you posted this comment a day after I added oneway arrows in the map style. πŸ™‚

    oneway arrows

    Download the new update and let me know what you think. Of course, you can add more oneway restrictions by editing the data in openstreetmap.

  39. Hi, I have a garmin GPS but the program is just for US and north America, how can I download Philippine map? Thank you

  40. Hi I am planning to buy a garmin and will use it in low flying helicopter. Basically Just need it for ground speed and locate destinations but dont have enough to buy the aviation ones. So I was wondering which model of your handhelds would be most compatible with what I need it for. I heard if you switch it to off road mode they work good for what I will need it for…. I was looking at the big screen 1450T.

  41. Hi sir,
    I just purchased garmin 1300. Default maps are north america and canada only. Where can I download the latest mapsource (phil map).
    thanks a lot.

  42. Thanks for doing this project. I want to contribute by naming streets in my hometown of Bay, Laguna. How do I go about it?

  43. Hi Sirs,
    My 255 nuvi shows one way arrows in some Metro Manila streets. That means that my copy was made after Maning installed the arrows?

    Maraming salamat po. Is there a way I can help update maps?

  44. Mr. Manning, i just downloaded the PI map on 2 nuvi devices, one for me, the other for my friend. we are here in USA and my friend is going home in few months time and me next year, so i helped him get it from your site. After i downloaded the maps, i tried to search for addresses in the philippines that i know and i could say i worked very good. I want to asked you a question, does this map includes some POI’S in it like malls, restaurants, banks for example, if not, how can i get those?

  45. hi,

    i just purchased a garmin nuvi 1450t and downloaded an img map. i cant get it to work. how do i load the map into the gps and in what directory should i place the img map.

    thanks so much

  46. @hmac, yes POIs are available, you can try searching for any categories (foof, landmarks, etc.)

    @Chins, please be more specific. Which map file did you downloaded? How do you plan to send the map to your device, via Mapsource, Roadtrip, etc.?

  47. Hi Sir Maning,

    i got the img map from your previous posts. i got it from here
    i got the gmapsupp.img and just copy paste it in the device (1450t). i try to place it in the “garmin” directory however it did not load the map. is this the correct procedure to load an img map?

    thanks so much for the quick reply. πŸ™‚

  48. hi, how can i find the gmapsupp.img? i already downloaded the osmph_winmapsource and its already in my memory card. but nothing change. how can i download it to my garmin?
    pls reply guyes. tnx

  49. Hi maning i have a garmin nuvi 205 from canada how can i download the Philippine road map in this device thanks and more power….

  50. Hello. Ok, here’s the deal. I travel alot, to several places in Northern America, Asia, and Europe. But I reside in the Philippines mainly. I’d like to buy a unit on Amazon (Preferably Garmin) And be able to use it wherever I go. But usually, the inclusions of these units are mainly USA, Canada, and Mexico.

    Could you please help me in choosing a unit that would fit? Like would a Nuvi 200 be enough?

  51. @ed, the link is provided in the above post. Check the word “wiki”.

    @steph, any unit that can save the map into garmin’s internal memory or to an sdcard should be ok. All nuvis can do this. Also check the wiki for the list of devices that users reported that it is working.

  52. Great! Also, I now use an HTC Sensation that also has GPS, so I’m torn if I should still buy a separate one. Seems like if i use my phone, it eats up so much of the battery and it probably doesn’t have voice prompts.

  53. hi sir,
    i have a nuvi 1300 and before i went to philippines i already downloaded all the files and maps from this site and save it to the micro card and inserted it to my gps. but when i got there there werent any signal at all even along the edsa road…how do i fix this?

  54. @andrew,

    It takes longer to get a GPS signal when doing a cold start or when you moved hundreds of kilometers from your previous position. Moreover, getting a signal in urban areas (especially when there are high rise buildings) is also hard. Give it more time to get a signal. Also, try to get a clear view of the sky and horizon. Once you get an initial fix getting subsequent signals should be faster.

  55. got it sir but how do i properly install all the files since its already on my micro card ? so its ok if i take the time to get the signal from clear view of skies? coz i just got back here in states and didnt have that experience to test my gps while driving time ill do it for sure,..can u instruct me how to download and properly install all the files that i need?

  56. sir already finish downloading all the files in my laptop..then wats next?how do i open the gmapsupp image? where is the map thing in my device forlder?

  57. Hi Maning,

    I am using Garmin Nuvi 1300 for almost a year and I would like to update my Philippine Map. I was the one who installed the map a year ago but I forgot the site.
    I installed a 3D map in this Nuvi. Is your map in 3D Mode too?


  58. hi maning. im using a oem china gps with garmin software. it work here in samar but our city (catbalogan city, samar) does not have detailed map yet. can i improved our city map? how?

  59. Hi Maning!
    Nice site and thanks for the PH Map! Cool!!
    Installed it on my new Nuvi 1300. Perfect! I just followed the steps on your site. It will really need a microSD card and copy the gmapsupp.img to the /Garmin folder (for newer models /Map folder). Hope that the where to address will work also. That would be very cool! Only POIs for now. Good for shortcuts! Magugulat ka na lang, may daan pala doon…
    Great Job! Keep up the good work!

    For others, just go to


  60. I want to know the location of the garmen soft ware in Manilla -Philppine

  61. I need adress for the garmen acceories at Philppin , Manilla ?
    Can some body help me ?
    I need the show room location only .

  62. sir maning how can I download my waypoints from oregon550 to mapsource,where I can download map of the phil for my oregon550

  63. Hi Maning, I am planning to buy a NUVI 3760LMT. Can you tell me if this particular nuvi series compatible with the OSM map downloadable from your website? need to confirm this before ordering.

  64. > where I can download map of the phil for my oregon550
    The link in the above post should work on your Oregon550

    > NUVI 3760LMT compatibility
    Noy sure since I have used that unit, generally it should work.

  65. i recently downloaded your map of the philippines on my nuvi 1310, and it works on my unit, almost complete roads was displayed except for some small roads has no name but i’m glad that you have the most updated map for the philippines, with POI’s kudos to you mang maning!!!

    thanks a lot…

    where can i contribute some info on your map like the road names, recently one way street, or newly open street?


  66. hi maning. tried to download the map but when I installed it, there’s no .exe file. only got the internet link. could you explain why? wanted to download the file to my garmin nuvi. sorry about this, i’m not a tech person and need more clarification.

  67. @spy, we use the openstreetmap data. Please visit and contribute data in that project.

    @roy, replied to your private message, adding my response here:

    The map was installed, but you need mapsource to view the map. You can download mapsource from the Garmin website.

  68. Hi Maning,

    I have a built-in GPS in my car radio and tried to download one of your sofwares (osmph_winmapsource_latest_.exe) but it does not work.

    Please help.

  69. Hello sir, Can you give me the procedure on how to download Philippines maps OSM version to my memory card so i can use my Garmin NUVI gadget or the latest version that you have.

  70. Maning,

    Can I the Garmin NUVI 715 give my Coordinates in the mountains where there is no Street Maps?

  71. Maning,
    Thanks. I have downloaded the file [gmapsupp.img] from your Site. Does this File also contain the Contour Map? Also, will the NUVI 715 give my Coordinates in any Mountain Area in the Philippines?

  72. No, you should download the separate map labeled “10 meter Elevation Contour Map”.

    You also need MapSource to send the map to your device.

  73. Maning,

    Thanks. Will the NUVI 715 give My Coordinates in any Mountain Area in the Philippines?

  74. I have a Garmin Nuvi 1300 that came from US, it already has a US Map installed,, can anyone help me how to download a Philippine Map so I can use it in our country.. please help… many thanks in advanced

  75. Hi Maning,
    I bought a Garmin nuvi 2455LMTin the US preloaded with US map. Can I install a Philippine map for this model? From a related forum, they say that I will need to download the map installer and the mac road trip application (since I’m using a mac) to be able to install the map but I do not know how to start. Are these two the only applications that I will need? Kindly provide me the installation details. Thanks for your help.

  76. For Map update. You may go to Garmin Center Philippines Unit 302 Millenium Place Bldg. Meralco Ave. Co. Julia Vargas Pasig City. Hotline #7825913 /6329513 look for Ethel or Mv.

  77. City navigator and roadguide is better than osm. Complete Philippine maps (streets and poi, one way, u turns) and even the house number and the hotline of establishment. U’ll never get lost talaga.

  78. Could you please help me how to download phil maps on my garmin nΓΌvi 205 that i bought from UK. Your help is indeed highly appreciated. Thank you very much and God Bless!

  79. hello manny, just bough a new nuvi garmin 2757LM 7″. i have no idea how to download phil map. the unit came from could you kindly walk me through step by step to load the whole philippines maps into my unit. any help will be appreciated and thank in advanced. Moses

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