sometimes it gets into my nerves

Most of time, I am agnostic to the tools I use. Whatever fits my purpose, I use. It comes incidental that I mostly use open source because of the cost, convenience and freedom it provides. However, a recent conversation irritated me.

Person 1: So what tools do you use for mapping?
Maning: Most of the time, I use open source.
Person 1: Oh, just open source.
Maning: No, it’s OPEN SOURCE. Not “JUST open source”.

Why the rush of blood to my ears?
1. You don’t measure the worth of someone’s work simply by his tools. Yes it helps, but if your a bad writer, it doesn’t matter whether you use the latest word processing app or just a rusty ole typewriter.
2. Open source vs. proprietary to [insert any computing related domain here] debate can always go either way.

One response to “sometimes it gets into my nerves

  1. It’s also annoying how some people just assume that open source tools are inferior to proprietary ones.

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