crowd assistance needed: report coral bleaching in the Philippines

In the recent months, sea surface temperature around the Philippines is above normal. This abnormal temperature could cause irreparable damage to the remaining coral reef ecosystem of the country due to coral bleaching. The critical threat of bleaching to our reefs caught mainstream attention when Philippine scientist reported of the possible marine ecological crisis.

NOAA Coral Bleaching Alert (Jan – Aug, 2010)

As a result, scientists, divers and conservationists are starting to report and upload photos and videos of coral bleaching to the Philippine Coral Bleaching Watch Facebook Group.

coral bleaching photos in fb
Coral bleaching photos

Coral bleaching in Calatagan

I an effort to help the reef conservation community, I initiated the creation of a website to aggregate and locate in a map the bleaching reports. The site’s objective is to “allow the general public (scientists, conservationists, fisherfolks, scuba divers, resort operators, etc.) to collaborate, compile and access field reports on coral reef bleaching. “ I am using crowdmap a cloud-based mapping platform of Ushahidi.

coral bleaching frontpage
Philippine Coral Bleaching Watch Frontpage

How can you help?

The coral reef conservation community needs more eyes and ears in reporting coral bleaching events around your local area.

Please submit reports, photos, videos and news feeds.

More info here:

Philippine Coral Bleaching Watch Facebook Group
Philippine Coral Bleaching Watch Crowdmap About Page

4 responses to “crowd assistance needed: report coral bleaching in the Philippines

  1. Is the coral reef really that depleted? I mean how can this be? There are lots of waters around Philippines. But the weather really does suck.

  2. @natureboy,

    Yes we do have a lot of coral reefs in the country, but they are highly threatened. The prolonged above normal sea surface temperature makes the condition worse especially for reefs that are already under stress due to several human induced factors.

  3. I have seen that few years ago in our island. I thought it was a result of the chemical used in fishingbut then the bleached corals are to wide that I am in doubt. I only knew recently that it’s the
    warm water had caused it. The island is at the northernmost tip of Leyte.

  4. @Frizzzz, chemicals such those used in cyanide fishing can also kill the animals in the coral reefs. Please gather more info in Leyte and submit the report in the webmap. No report so far of bleaching in northern Leyte.

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