Landsat Timelapse

I found out about this TIMELAPSE Project today by TIME and Google. And as a map geek and a Landsat fanboi, I find this gem a very good time waster. 🙂

Here’s a few timelapses around my country. (Click on the image to view the largish animated GIFs).

Urban sprawl along the fringes of Metro Manila going south to Cavite and Laguna.

The seasonal ebb and flow of water in Liguasan Marsh in Mindanao.

Construction of the San Roque Dam in Agno River.

Coal mining in Semirara Island that almost completely changed the coastline of the island.

Mining operations in Surigao‘s unique and diverse ultramafic forest and home to the Mamanwa IP community.

One response to “Landsat Timelapse

  1. Maning, I flew over Semirara Island for years and saw first hand the same effects as the animation shows. I was at 10,000 feet, not in a commercial airliner, and it is a vivid memory. I responded last year to islands close to it (It is part of Antique, Panay, apparently) in the Yolanda Response, interesting how things work in that part of the world.

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