Helium high

Today, we had a balloon mapping experiment. For a very brief airtime, we got some really impressive images.

Selecting and stitching the images took more time.

But, the initial result gave as a much better imagery than what is publicly available.

The crew had a great time. No tangles, no balloon burst and no gear crash!

Of course we did the traditional high-pitch-squeaky talk afterwards. 🙂 Where to next?

6 responses to “Helium high

  1. Impressive, so you use a ballon within a city? Not sure if this would be legal here in Germany, but I assume, that there were to much barriers, as power lines or other high infrastructure, that would make troubles :/

  2. Yes, the balloon almost tangled with a tall building that kept us nervous by a few minutes. I agree this will be difficult to maneuver in a dense city with tall structures.

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