osmphgps garmin maps for mappers

Today, we deployed a series of improvements to the osmphgps Garmin maps. The improvements should give you a better experience in using the map you created via OSM.

Here’s the visual changelog taken from a Nuvi 255w.

We split the whole country into 3 tiles. This will allow old devices without expandable memory card to use the maps. You can choose which tile you want to upload in your device.

Inter-tile routing works. Although the data was divided into tiles, routing between tile is working.

City and street search improvements. Street and city search used to be full of noise and unreliable. We improved this feature to increase reliability of your city and street searches.

Maps for mappers. The map is more than just for navigation. We believe the most important users of our maps are the OSMappers themselves who provided tremendous volunteer effort to improve the coverage. We improved the style of the map so that mappers can use it to check map bugs.

When you search for any points of interest (POI), you will notice that some names have an asterisk (*) at the end. This means that this POI needs to be corrected in the map. The error can be either a misspelling or missing address.

The FIXME road. Grey-thin-dashed-lines means that this road was added from satellite imagery but further ground survey is needed to define the actual highway type and name.

Better detail. We don’t just make a map, we want beautiful maps. 🙂 The improvements in the style should make you appreciate the quality of detail OSMappers are adding in the data.

POIs in San Pablo

Bangui Windmills in Ilocos

Public artworks in BGC

Detailed street network of Cabanatuan City

Facilities and beach area in Fort Ilocandia

Shops around Ateneo de Davao University

Rivers around Mt. Pinatubo

Residential buildings

Mirror links for increased reliability of download. We added additional links in order to accomodate increasing demand for downloading the maps. Big thanks to http://www.perfectlynerd.com for the free hosting.

Finally, we moved our map development process to github if you encounter issues with the map, post your reports in our github page. I would like to point out that the development is through the help of maning, rally, the mkgmap developers, testers and everyone who shared countless hours to improve the map data.

Enjoy the map and please fix data errors!
Download the map here.
Fix the data here.


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