OSM editing tip in less than 5 minutes video series

A new openstreetmapper always find editing the data for the first time difficult. While OSM has improve a lot in terms of usability, simple editing techniques like splitting ways, uploading GPS tracks and, tagging seems to be a daunting task for a newbie.

This issue sprung up once again in the talk-ph list. In the past, I participated on several how-to sessions to demonstrate simple techniques to edit the data. We are now planning to do this regularly.

Newbies can also find a wealth of information by reading the beginner’s guide and watching some instructional videos.

I am adding other videos as well.

My plan is to prepare a series of short and simple videos that demonstrate 1 or 2 editing technique. It is not as comprehensive as the other videos available in the OSM wiki. My goal is to simply demonstrate one editing technique in less than 5 minutes.

Several videos are now available in my vimeo account tagged as osm_in_less_than_5 .

I will add more in the future. If you have any suggestion or request, just post a comment in this entry.

Here’s one on, “Edit data using your uploaded GPS tracks”.


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