minor improvements in the OSM-PH Garmin Maps

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Since I started providing almost daily updates over a month ago, I have been receiving several bug reports and suggestions to improve the map. (I actually have this unverified theory that some OSM contributors became more active because they can download almost daily map updates.) ^_^

The short feedback loop undoubtedly fuel motivation both for the mappers and developers of the map. Whenever I am able to, I do try to respond to bug reports.

As a result, here are a couple of minor bugs and improvements I fixed/added:

  • improved ferry routing – you can use the map to plan your inter-island routes (provided that ferry routes are in the map);
  • minor but pesky bug wherein convenience stores are included in the fuel search category;
  • turn-restrictions, although data is limited at the moment;
  • search for building names – I added building names and house numbers to enable search (see image below);
  • route debugging report – I integrated logging of routing issues in the compilation process. Please look into the report and fix routing issues in OSM.

buildings with name and number

Makati buildings with name and address number

Finally, I launched a donation appeal to upgrade my trac/svn site. The trac/svn site is where I monitor and track reported map problems/issues. If you find the map useful, please consider donating. 🙂

Help us keep this project running!

Go out and fix the data.

Report bugs and enhancements.

Get the map here.

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