lost in the arc* licensing maze

Can someone help me out here.

A colleague wants some advise on developing an application based on ArcGIS stack with the following generic features:

  • access and edit data on field;
  • perform basic overlay analysis and attribute queries;
  • monitor heavy equipment (i. e. delivery trucks) from raw material sources to the factory;
  • provide cartographic output either as paper map or a web app;

For a geo-geek using mostly free and open source tools, I am at a loss in understanding ArcGIS licensing options. Terms such as “licensing by number of cores”, “single use”, “authorization process”, “license management” baffle me.

In shopping for open source options I’d always look at the functionality first, license was never an issue.

license error

And it seems I’m not the only person having problems with it. (See comments from james’ blog)

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