new osm-ph garmin map (release nov-2009)

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I am pleased to announce the new release (20091114) of the OSM-PH Garmin GPS Map. This release is another important milestone for the OSM-PH Garmin GPS Map project.

Get the map here

This is the third release who graduated from our new release cycle with several major improvements. The general release cycle is every two months (1 month for pre-release testing and 1 month for the regular release). Big thanks to all those who tested and provided feedback.

What’s new in this release

  • data as of 20091114, thanks to all the 350 contributors
  • 45,000 ++ kilometers of roads
  • Seaย  polygon!
  • Beta of Address search!

Known bugs

  • Full address search may not work as expected
  • Some islands are “flooded” (coastline data issue)
  • POI icons not visible using 3D mode in some units

Read on for the visual release log of this map.

Visual Release Log

Can you see the sea?

sea poly

Sea areas now rendered as dark blue polygon

Address search

address search

You can now use that “Find Places” search window.

Choose your own style

A new map style is added in the installer. Big thanks to Rally for providing additional TYP styles. You can find in the c:\Program Files\OSM-PH Garmin maps\” these files:

  • OSMPH_RALLY_TYP_v2.6.exe

To load any of the map style, simply double-click either of the file and then open MapSource.


Different map styles rendered in QLandkarte GT. Default map style (right), OSM-PH Minimal (lower left), Rally’s map style (upper right).

That’s it! Enjoy! As we prepare for the next batch of improvements, please continue updating the map and report bugs. Happy GPSing!

Get the map here

9 responses to “new osm-ph garmin map (release nov-2009)

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  2. @maning – i have already succeeded about the address search functionality… we need all those roads to be filled-up with their details like, addr:city addr:street etc… i have already made mine, if you want to make a test on what i did, please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ many thanks to your effort on openstreetmap ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. hi maning, i tried to install this map in my newly purchased nuvi 285W using mapinstall, but i’m getting the error alert ” there is a problem with the OSM_PHIL installation. please re-install OSM_PHIL and start mapinstall again.”

    I reinstalled the map in mapmanager, but i’m still getting the above error. can you help me on how should i install the map.?

    i’m a mac user, thus i’m using the above mentioned softwares. thanks!

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