communities needs help in post-disaster reporting

Over the course of the week and last weekend, I have reviewed current initiatives on existing webmaps supporting Typhoon Kestana/Ondoy rescue and relief operations. The focus of these maps were on the immediate need for relief deployment, search, and rescue (missing persons lists). I feel there is also a need to monitor and report problems for the post-disaster rebuilding efforts. In most cases, this aspect of disaster is forgotten especially when media is out the radar.

The Humanitarian OSM Team (H. O. T. ), provided assistance in creating webmap to report related problems on post-disater recovery and rebuilding efforts.

The webmap’s focus is not on relief and rescue, it is intended for gathering information on the post-disaster rebuilding efforts. The interface was borrowed from OSM’s OpenStreetBugs.

Here’s the site:



  • Any visitor can add a geocoded report on what needs to be done within the area (garbage collection, drainage clearing, etc.).
  • Other users can comment on the posted problem.
  • Other users can mark the problem as fixed or re-open the report.
  • Download the points as GPX format which can be integrated to a GIS system or a GPS for navigation.
  • Monitor reported bugs in given boundingbox via rss feeds (i.e. reports in Marikina)

Other tasks:

  • Monitor and update reports.
  • Create pages compiling reports according to type and admin jurisdiction.
  • Coordinate dissemination of reports to concerned agencies who can help fix the problem.

Please help in updating the status around your community.

If your sick of waiting for the LGU concerned to fix the reported problems, you can fix it yourselves. Find a reported problem near your community (a drainage ditch that needs clearing, a mud-filled road that needs scraping, etc.), organize some of your friends and fix the problem. Make sure you mark the report as “fixed” in the map.

More info here:

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