RIP Philippine Birds Webmap

Last July, I received an announcement from Yahoo! regarding the scheduled closure of Yahoo! Geocities.

geocities notice

I hosted two html pages in my Geocities site. One was a webform for an online reservation request of students. The other one was my very first webmap.

philippine biodiversity webmap

The map (visit now since it won’t be online next month), shows bird sightings in the Philippines classified according to IUCN’s category. The map is powered by worldkit, data in xml format, and the background map from NASA’s OnEarth WMS.

The cartography and page design was so poor it deserves an entry in Daniel Huffman’s blog. Nevertheless, this map is important to me because a lot of “first” happened when I made this map.

  • My first webmap, and the only webmap of Philippine birds back then.
  • My first dive to XML.
  • My first introduction to HTML editing.
  • My first to understanding Web Mapping Service.

A lot of new technologies emerged since 2005, and this experiment help me get started to pursue other online mapping projects.


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