New OSM-PH Garmin map (20090713)

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New OSM-PH Garmin routable map available here

Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce the new release (20090713) of the OSM-PH Garmin GPS Map. This release is an important milestone for the OSM-PH Garmin GPS Map project.

This the first release who graduated from our new release cycle. The general release cycle is every two months (1 month for pre-release testing and 1 month for the regular release). Thanks to all those who tested and provided feedback.

What’s new in this release
– data as of 20090713, thanks to all the 240 contributors
– 39,800++ kilometers of roads
– new mapsource installer and uninstaller
– cutting the map into several smaller imgs
– temporarily removed administrative level boundaries to avoid confusion from roads
– a lot more POIs (i. e. traffic lights, toll booths, etc.)
– more polygons (landuse, building outline)
– new towns/cities mapped
– fixed reported routing problems
– compiled with mkgmap version 1085

Before installing the new maps, please remove the previous OSM-PH Garmin GPS Map following the instructions here:

To download the maps, go here:

Other experimental GPS maps are also available:

As usual for data problems, go fix it at:

For bug reports, post a message either at the wiki discussions page:

Or via our svn/trac site:

You need to login first, use this generic account.
username: osmphgps AT gmail DOT com
password: osmphgps


Most users dislike the “magenta route line under the road” feature for good reasons, so I reverted back to “route line above road”. Please download the fixed map. Thanks to totor for the fix.

route line above road

3 responses to “New OSM-PH Garmin map (20090713)

  1. Hi,
    I bought BlueChart inside passage on a micro SD thinking I could use MapSource for planning. Do you know if anyone has developed a way to get the map off of the micro SD and in to Mapsource?

  2. @ Charles,
    To be able to add the data to mapsource you need the tdb file, the overview map and the map imgs itself. If these are available in the sdcard, you can then create a win registry to “point” to the file locations of these files. Read through my diy-garmin posts on how to create a registry file.

    good luck!

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