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Part of my series featuring an OSM-PH mapper.


This week is Marloue Pidor (aka murlwe). Murlwe joined OSM for almost 2 years now. He is our top man in mapping Davao and other areas in Mindanao. Davao City data has the user:murlwe stamp all over. Smackcode is his OSM buddy evangelizing OSM in Davao City. A true geo-geek who made his very own home-brewed GPS data logger and GPX parser.

Who is murlwe?

Marloue O. Pidor, PECE, MIT
– Electronics Engineering Faculty of Ateneo de Davao University
– Vice President for Research and Development of Neuraltech Innovations Inc.
– Cartographer of Mindanao Land Foundation Inc. for Davao City and North Cotabato. (This was before 2007)

How did you discovered openstreetmap?

By accident, I am searching for a free Davao City map when I stumbled to OSM. Davao City at that time has nothing except the shoreline.

What is your mapping rig (equipment) and how do you gather map data?

From the primitive to modern:
– I trace the roads using bond papers whenever we go to the province.
– I digitize community maps of an NGO using CAD software.
– I made my first GPS with datalogger in early 2002 as a hobby and rig it to my father’s car.
– We made our own GPS tracking system. Vehicles can be tracked via SMS and GPRS.
– Whenever I drive within the city or to the provinces, I see to it I have at least one GPS unit with me.

His students even won a prestigious competition developing a search and rescue management integrating GPS and GIS.

What’s is your OSM purity self-test score?

OSM Purity: 1.81

Hmm, the highest so far.

Tell us some weird/strange/funny incident you encountered during mapping.

It was when we are going to public high schools of Surigao del Sur and Surigao del Norte we were not told by our contacts that the 300+ kms coastal highway of Surigao del Sur/Norte is a rough road not to mention some deep mud there are only less than a kilometer cemented road. The smallest vehicle we found was SUVs, ours is a Mitsubishi Gallant Gemini. We traveled the entire stretch of highway hoping that the car won’t give up. It was like a WRC type road trip.

Oh [insert local language profanity]! The upper images shows what we call primary road in rural areas in the Philippines.

What is it that you HATE most about OSM (we all love OSM, some things just needs improvement)?

When the OSM server goes offline.

Ha! That means you need a break and do some exercise.

Why is openstreetmap important to you and the Philippines?

OSM is a community driven wiki style map and the community is the moderator and because of this OSM data will grow very rapidly. The best thing about OSM is the data is FREE we can use it whatever/however we want it.

How can OSM-PH expand its coverage to other parts of the Philippines?

The OSM community should have more seminars, workshops, tri-media exposures for OSM. And more GPStogo GPS units.

Daghang Salamat murlwe!

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