random GPS experiments

Some of my random GPS data experiments for the past weeks.

osm-ph garmin with contour
Adding elevation contours (40m interval) in the OSM-PH Garmin GPS maps, using mkgmap.

osm-ph magellan
Compiling OSM-PH data to Magellan GPS (MapSend Lite screenshot), using pymagellan.

gps speed
My average cycling speed (in kph), using gpsbabel and GRASS GIS.

UPDATE: OSM-PH Magellan map works on Vantage Point and Triton Magellan GPS

3 responses to “random GPS experiments

  1. I love the heat map of your cycling speed! I’ve been using my GPS and a piece of software called SportTracks to produce maps, and elevation plots with heart rate data superimposed over them … but the speed is fantastic when displayed this way.

    I had never heard of GRASS GIS. Thanks for posting this – I’ve duly learned something today. 😀

  2. @ forrest,

    I’m sure there are other GPS apps (probably a simple script) that can visualize speed. GRASS can be too much for such a simple visualization. 🙂

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