survey: your common GIS task

Are your curious (as I am) with what geotards do everyday with their favorite GIS app? Let’s ask them.

Join this survey asking, “What do you usually do with [insert your favorite Geo-app]?” Note that I am asking your most common GIS task not necessarily your favorite task 🙂 Add any task if it’s not included in the choices.

I will summarize the results and any comments, by the end of this month.


3 responses to “survey: your common GIS task

  1. Wouldn’t some of the tasks here be integral to others? Like rectification, you need to do this before you can do any geoprocessing or layouting.

  2. @ jon. I agree, in many cases some tasks are needed for a specific projects. The survey would like to know simply what you do everyday as Geo app user.

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