job ad: geospatial analyst

We’re hiring, yes we are.

We are building the capacity of our geospatial unit to to support upcoming research projects. Our geospatial unit is small (less-than-number-of-fingers-in-your-right-hand). Oftentimes, staff had to juggle multiple projects. In short we’re so overloaded.

In preparation for the new staff take-in, I am preparing the necessary job skills we should be looking for. The best person should be someone who can balance both the technical and managerial requirements of our geomatics unit. Simply put, a person that wears a lot of hats.

Here’s a shortlist of what person we need:

Computing skills

  • Can use both the paleo and neogeographer’s tools.
  • Comfortable with the words batch, scripts, command prompt.
  • Knows that a database is more than just dbfs and MS Access.
  • Can break (it’s okay to make mistakes) and fix systems.

Cartographic design skills

Analytical skills

  • Understands both people and pixels. Knowledgeable not only with spatial entities, topology, projections, etc.; but more with the inter-relationships of the spatial environment and the human society that influence it.

Do I need to add more? Post your “ideal” candidate for a geospatial analyst in the reply box.

Interested? Drop me a message. (Open only to Filipino applicants).

I hope the new staff can teach me how to fly.

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