Vacation offer: Map the Island of Boracay!


Boracay in OSM

Enthropia is making an offer nobody can refuse. They are looking for an openstreetmapper to gather information and map the whole island of Boracay. The map bounty: 25,000 Philippine Pesos.

Boracay in Openstreetmap is fairly complete, but as we say in OSM, “it’s a wiki, it’s never complete”.

Here’s a snip of the announcement.

So, we are looking to pay 25,000 pesos for someone to go and map and index all of Boracay, the entire island.
By index we mean gather information on every single point of interest (beaches, restaurants, hotels etc), get that location's GPS coords,
picture with a Digicam and map the place out in OSM.

Interested? Head-over to the OSM Philippines mailing-list or contact Enthropia (email is in the list announcement).

Dude, got a GPX fix?

One prolific Philippine OSMer accepted the offer and will start updating the island in the next few weeks.


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