please help me map this area in OSM

For one week, I need to map an area as part of an environmental advocacy of a non-profit organization. I have been struggling with doing OSM mapping these days due to work schedule. So why not throw a plea to the crowd?

So here goes, I need help getting as much information as we can around this area:

Openstreetmap link

Basically all roads (tracks, trails, etc), waterways, landuse and other info you can add in OSM.

I will be tracking changes around this area for a week and hope to finish the map within the deadline. Thank you in advance for all your

Please drop me a note here if you have been editing/contributing.

After a few days of editing, I have a good basemap to start my map layout.

Now, if there is way to convert an OSM file to ESRI shapefile without the ruby gems I struggled before (nothing against ruby, it’s just I don’t grok it).

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