user:maning on OSM Philippines – 2008

I have devoted a lot of my free time for more than 2 years creating free geospatial data for the Philippines via My efforts went beyond mapping by trying to build a Phillippine community for OSM. Last year have been a very fruitful year for OSM Philippines.

Two years ago, Metro Manila was like this:

Metro Manila in OSM as of 20061223

It’s a totally different picture now.

Here’s a look-back of what happened to OSM Philippines for the past year as I have seen its progress.

Expanding the coverage
Simply put, we’ve mapped a lot! Metro Manila is close to being “completed”. Notable cities are Quezon City, Makati, Las Pinas, Manila and Marikina. I was even tempted to declare my mapping area as “complete

Almost 27,000 kilometers of roads, roughly 13% of all documented roads in the country. But it doesn’t end there, for Metro Manila we’ve added a lot of POIs, buildings, administrative boundaries, detailed coastines, etc.

Available Yahoo! imagery helped a lot but so are gps traces;
wordle of philippine gpx

and data imports.

Naga City GIS data import

Building a community
Last year is mostly about mapping and mapping some more but another event made this all possible. Over 90 mappers joined in our efforts, some of them contribute a little and the fade out for some reasons. A couple have been very active and have focused their efforts on specific areas.

We also started to communicate more through the Philippine dedicated mailing-list and started collaborating with other mapping projects in the country. This collaboration provided expanded coverage in a lot of areas outside Metro Manila.

Thanks to Enthropia we have a dedicated promotional website.

Sounds cool but can we use it?
A couple of Philippine websites are now using the Philippine data among them are:
1. Ortigas Online
2. Red Cross Rizal Chapter
3. waypointsdotph

You can now use the data for your Garmin GPS and we will soon provide a routable version.

Overall, we’ve made an impressive progress.
A year of edits

But as you can see, we have a lot more mapping to do (openstreetmap is never complete btw). But one thing is certain 2009 will be a whole lot better for OSM Philippines (and totally better than other Philippine data).

Want to join in the fun?

Other things:
1. here’s my top pick of well-mapped areas in 2008
2. a cool video of 2008 edits, Metro Manila seems to flash consistently.

I almost forgot, Mike Collinson also presented state of mapping in the Philippines at OSM’s SOTM Conference. Thanks Mike!


7 responses to “user:maning on OSM Philippines – 2008

  1. Great round-up! That 2-year-old Metro Manila data totally surprised me. Look at how far we’ve come (big thanks to Yahoo!) šŸ™‚

  2. Yep! That was my first osmarender rendering I made for December 2006. It’s mostly Mike Collinson’s work.

  3. I saw one of your map above. Is it Naga, Philippines? If that’s true then I would guess that represents the intersection bicol and naga river. Best Regards.

  4. If you mean work as in working there, no. Although I’ve heard about Naga City’s excellent government service through the leadership of Mayor Robredo. If you mean I’ve worked on the Naga map in openstreetmap, partly yes. I coordinated some of the efforts in importing the data.

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