OSMapping in Marikina, Philippine roads 20081215

Marikina 20081215

If I haven’t been mapping last weekend, I might have declared openstreetmapping of roads of Marikina City, Philippines already complete.

According to official government stats, total length of road is 358 km.:

Total Length of Road (including access road) : 358 kms.
Drainage and Sidewalk improvement :296 kms.
Cleared Sidewalk :700 km.
Bikeways Constructed :52 km.

According to osm-length script, OSM roads alone are 480.03 km. already:

highway          length in km.
residential             369.6
secondary                47.4
primary                  42.2
service                  26.6
cycleway                 24.9
footway                  15.2
unclassified              9.0
tertiary                  7.2
primary_link              2.8
trunk                     1.8
pedestrian                0.8
track                     0.7
steps                     0.6
secondary_link           0.03
TOTAL                   548.9

Of course, the script does not distinguish dual-carriageways, or does it? But there’s not much around here.

As I said, my trip last weekend says “it ain’t complete yet

Not yet, but soon enough.


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